Reasons to be excited for the Fantastic Four in the MCU

It's official: the Fantastic Four are coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

But some fans are disappointed with how the announcement was handled. 

On Wednesday, Marvel Studios finally confirmed that the first family of comics will be joining the MCU in a future film. 

The news came via a tweet from Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, which included the first look at the team's new logo.

The announcement was met with a mixed reaction from fans. 

With many pointing out that it came without any details about when or where the Fantastic Four will be introduced. 

Some are also disappointed that Marvel didn't use its San Diego Comic-Con panel to make the big reveal.

Still, there's plenty of reason to be excited for the Fantastic Four's arrival in the MCU. Here are four things we're looking forward to seeing.

So far, there's no word on when the Fantastic Four will make their MCU debut. 

But with Phase 4 already well underway, it's likely that we'll have to wait a while before we see Reed Richards, Sue Storm, Johnny Storm, and Ben Grimm on the big screen.

Do you think Marvel should have waited to announce the Fantastic Four?

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